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Terms of use

We're still in a start-up phase of NearbyJazz, and in the near future we will improve these terms of use. In case you have any questions, doubts or critics: please let us know. For now:

You are allowed (and more than welcome) to use this website or any other NearbyJazz website to find or promote jazz events. Now we can have a fair discussion about what jazz is exactly, but we use a pretty broad definition for that. Any use of the NearbyJazz websites for purposes that are clearly not related to jazz is forbidden. So, when posting content (events, artist info, venue info, band info) you should make sure that what you post meets this criterium.

Apart from that, make sure that:

  • Content you post on our websites is not protected by copyright law or any other law prohibiting you to publish this content here.
  • You're being nice ;-)

We do not manually check all posts on this website, but in case we are notified of posts that do not comply to these rules, we will check them, remove them (if needed) and notify the user that posted it. We have the right to block or remove accounts that are being used to post content that does not comply with these terms.

When you post content to one of our websites, you give us the permission to publish that content to any of our other websites, aggregate it in lists and overviews, make it searchable, and use it in our email newsletters. To guarantee proper operation of our websites, we do keep a history of posts. The primary purpose of this is to have the option to recover posts that were edited or deleted with wrong intentions.

Last edited July 26th 2016