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You probably get a bit tired from hearing once again that a website takes your privacy seriously. Often you might indeed doubt that. But hopefully we can convince you of the fact that we do. We don't let other companies (advertisement networks, social networks, etc) track you through cookies, and we don't share your personal data with any other person or organization (except when we are forced to by law).

That said, we do of course store some information provided or generated by you through the use of this website or any other NearbyJazz website. This is what and why:

  • The information you fill out during registration, which includes your email address. That's needed to have an account, send a new password when you forgot it, etc.
  • Anonymized visit data (what pages you visit, and sometimes from which source you entered the site) to get an idea of how well te site is performing and how we can improve it. We only store the top-level part of your ip-number for that, so we don't know where you are exactly, but we do know the region.
  • We do use a maximum of three cookies:
    • _jazz_session is the session cookie that is needed to be able to sign in to to site
    • _pk_id and _pk_ses originate from our web analytics system. This system and the data in it is managed by us and not accessible to other parties

We're still in a start-up phase of NearbyJazz, and in the near future we will improve this privacy statement. In case you have any questions, doubts or critics: please let us know.

Last edited July 26th 2016