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A few years ago I started to explore the jazz scene of Amsterdam. While studying at DJAM as an amateur trumpet player, I was surprised to find so many nice concerts and sessions in town. And I was probably even more surprised that so few people were aware of it.

After talking with many jazz musicians and (potential) audience, I got the impression that it would be very helpful if there were a website or an app that helps people to find jazz concerts and jam sessions in Amsterdam.

That's how the idea for a nice online jazz calendar was born. I started working on it and after getting positive feedback I realised that it would be fairly easy to setup a similar project for Utrecht. You're now looking at the result. The project is still in it's early stages and I'm busy working on new features and improvements. If you want to be notified:

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If you have feedback or suggestions you can also send me a message to

Corné Verbruggen
Founder of NearbyJazz and trumpet player at the West End Big Band.

Data on this website

The data on this website (dates, addresses, names, etc) are collected from public pages on other websites. In most cases we use this information only to help visitors to find events, and refer to the full version of information on websites of venues, band and artists. We take care not to copy any information that is copyright protected.

In case you do find information on this website that is not correct or should never be (re)published by us due to copyright issues, please let us know by sending us a message:

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